Note to myself…

via Daily Prompt: Fry

People fry you and your mind, don’t listen to them, they don’t know anything, they just comment on you so that they can feel better about them. And when you say that they are right about you then you give them the power so just stop don’t give them this power, show them that you can do whatever you want and you will have more then they can imagine, you are your own boss, you don’t owe them anything, you don’t need them to tell you who you are, you know better then anyone, they can’t possibly be know you, not even a bit, so chill up, throw this negativity out of your life, this life is too short to even waste your time on those people and there negative energy. It’s late at night, tomorrow will be a new day be positive and be happy…



Be Tenacious…

via Daily Prompt: Tenacious

TENACIOUS – not giving up

It’s easy to give up but if you want to achieve your goal you have to be tenacious. It’s ok if you fail in first try, the key of success is to keep trying till you get what you want. Life isn’t about falling it’s about getting back up after falling. You will face some difficulties not because you are doing something wrong, it’s because you are doing something right. Time doesn’t wait for anyone, start today so that future you can thank present you. 


Music…my healer

via Daily Prompt: Heal

We all are different set of people, we feel different, we talk in different languages and we deal with our pain different way, we all heal differently. I myself heal differently from most of you guys, I listen music, music is my healers.

MUSIC is piece of art that goes from ears to heart. For me music take away my pain my depression, make me feel like I am still alive. I can’t talk about my feelings or whatever  I am dealing with. Music was there for me in those stupid drama of my life, It’s not like that music can solve my problem, but it can make them go for sometime and clear my my head. At time I fit in lyrics better then I fit in my class. I listen to music in full blast and dance around my room like an idiot. That’s how I heal.



via Daily Prompt: Meaningless

I was scared to be alone for a very long time, now I realize that I am alone even when I am with bunch of people, I feel lonely because now I don’t want to be around with people who are just meaningless and fake I am okay with one friend. I can’t talk to people about my feelings I can’t really put them in words, its actually hard to describe when people don’t understand that I struggle with depression almost all day, so I like to keep my self busy and avoid these kinds of talks and people, it is really hard to put fake smile some day and hide my depression. Most of the people things that I am rude, some people know me as an introvert and few people know me as a cold person who don’t have any feelings but just one person saw me in love, heartbroken, fighting even crying. I don’t know what really I am trying to say here guess it was just meaningless all this writing…



via Daily Prompt: Acceptance

I can’t blame anyone because it’s easy to judge others when we are unable to understand them, everyone is different from each other. I am so different from my siblings, I bet you are different from your siblings and parents or your friend but we don’t judge them, we are okay with there personality so why can’t we accept others? We have only one life to live why live judging and hating others, we are humans not cat we got only one life. Every one is going through some thing we just don’t know it, we might have heard some stories but we can’t feel what they are feeling, everyone have this one chapter that they can’t tweet about. Do not judge because you don’t know what storm they are walking through, they sin differently from you and I.

Everybody is a genius, But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will lives its whole life believing it is stupid – Albert Einstein


PEOPLE are too complicated to have one label…

via Daily Prompt: Label

Labeling people is not good, everyone knows that, everyone say that, but nobody actually do anything to stop it. People call me skinny, they think that I don’t eat much but I eat all day long, its just God made me this way I guess and I love my body. I used to cry because of that label, but now I know that these label does not define me my action does. I don’t think we can ever stop this problem, or may be its not a problem, we are just so negative that we are taking this whole thing in a negative way. God made us look different from each other, imagine if we all look the same, I will be damned if that happened I already can’t remember people faces. We all have different personality every one is unique in there own way. We just can’t have one label, we are much more then skinny, fat, black, brown,white, we are not a jar to have one label on us. We might need few pages to actually define us. I mean obviously we can’t be equal we have really big ego, we can’t even think about equality right?


Girls should study…

via Daily Prompt: Controversy

Today I was talking to my aunt, she told me to give up on my studies and marry someone, just because  I am Pakistani,I am a girl and I am 21 years old means that I have to marry some one and give up on my dreams and my studies, why? Does marriage stop us girls from study and thinking about our future? I get it marriage is important but education is important too, every girl have a right to study as much as boys does. Nobody have this right to take educational right from us.  I don’t mind to marry someone but I want to study and achieve my goals, I don’t want to be the girl who don’t understand how hard men works to support there family, I want to work side by side and help my husband. I have seen my father how hard he works and my mom understand that. 



via Daily Prompt: Luck

Do I believe in luck? I don’t know, guess not. I believe in action, will power, success, failure and Allah/God. I believe if I give my hundred and ten percent to my work I will have my success. If I fail then I must have done something wrong, it’s not because of my luck. I believe we write our own luck, good or bad it’s on you. People blame luck for their failure, but when they succeed, they take all the credit. If we blame everything on luck then we don’t have to change anything right? What do brown spider or white snake have to do with money? What ever you wish for luck is not gonna give it to you so better you start work hard and work till you don’t have any more wishes left. Luck is what we work for as much you work more you have it. I still don’t know why we call it luck, may be it sound good then result.


Small things but massive impact…

via Daily Prompt: Massive

Small things have massive impact on life, we don’t really notice them that much but when those small things are not in our life anymore then we understand how badly we want them back. Imagine if you forget your cellphone home and you are really far away from home but when you realize that you don’t have your phone no matter what you will go back home just to get it. I remember my father came back from work just to get his phone, I used to mock my father because of that but when it happened to me then I understand.

Same as such a small thing like cell phone, every person in your life have a massive impact on you. Today is my best friend birthday but I am not with her to celebrate it, I remember 2 years back we used to get annoyed by each other, but one day we start talking, we were housemates but never really bother to get to know each other, now we can’t live without talking to each other.

There are few people in our life that we don’t want them to leave but we never realize that they have massive space in our heart, we must appreciate everyone in our life because we never know how long they are with us, life is too short to run after other people, well that’s why we call them other people because they are not our people.



via Daily Prompt: Immerse

What is wish? or dream?

You cannot get what you dream for, if you don’t work for it. If you wanna write some thing you have to start writing, you can’t just wish and it will appear on the paper. You have to pick a pen and paper to actually fulfill your dream to be a writer. Wanna be singer and you got great voice then where is the problem? The problem is that you don’t immerse yourself in music. Can you learn to drive just from books? NO, you have to sit in a car and start driving that’s how you learn. I don’t say books are not important, I love books but what is the use when you know every thing about the book but you don’t know how to use that knowledge.

Dreaming is also important but you have to start from somewhere to fulfill your dreams, you scared to fail? Failure is the first step of success, key is to get up and never stop.

Immerse yourself in whatever you want for yourself