Dreamy lush life…

via Daily Prompt: Lush

There are two types of dreamer in the world,

1-Those who dreams and work hard to make there dreams true,

2-Those who dreams but never try hard enough to fulfill there dreams.

Today I will share my own story, I never told anyone before I was ashamed of myself, I failed so much, I didn’t have enough confident to even think about being  in this position and writing this post right now. 5 years back, what ever I try to do I failed,  I lost my confidence, my friends, even my family used to think that I am useless and good for nothing, I believe Allah/ God have some plans for me, and 24 of July 2012 I began to realize that, but I was still lacking confident so I just gave up and told my self that I can’t even think about any of this, and I fall asleep, writing my thoughts in my dream diary.

Next day I woke up and my dad told me that we are moving to different country this weekend, he told me that I can start over and fresh, I was so happy that I start dreaming again about that prefect life I want for myself. I didn’t know that the struggle just started, I can’t just have anything serve to me I have to work hard for that. I was just so done with my failures and my depression I decided to take control of my life, I start gaining confident, we moved to Chittagong city of Bangladesh, I start my college made some new friends and not just that I met this amazing boy there, but then again my failures was eagerly waiting for me, in just one year I failed again, and this my failure break me and I start seeing people’s true colors, I was heart broken and I was so depressed, I locked myself in my house I was dying every single day. I spend two years locked in my room, eating, sleeping and watching YouTube videos, that year all youtubers doing draw my life videos and I used to think that they have this perfect life and they born with this perfect life, I watched almost every big youtubers video and because  of that I decided to fight from my depression and give one last shot so I applied for university in Malaysia and I actually got in, that day I was so happy and I promised my self that this time I am not going to fail and until now I am bit slow walker toward my dreams because I am scared of failing again so I just want to take my time, gaining my confident and still fighting with my depression and anxiety, but I am focus on my dreams and now I can actually see myself living that dreamy successful life.

If I can work enough to get what I dream of, trust me when I say anyone can.



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