via Daily Prompt: Aware

Law of attraction contain three steps; Ask, Believe and Receive.

1-ASK ask-god-for-more-300x300

Well this is really easy step, you just have to ask for whatever you desire.

weak desires bring weak results, just as small amount of fire brings small amount of heat-Napoleon Hills

If you thing good, good will come to you. If you think bad, bad will come to you. You  control what you ask for yourself. Its simple as you ask for chocolate ice cream from ice cream shop.

2-BELIEVE 19300122-The-saying-Belive-You-Can-and-You-re-Halfway-There-on-pieces-of-paper-pinned-to-a-bulletin-board-to--Stock-Photo.jpg

Now this part is bit tricky and hard, If you are strong believer than it’s not a problem for you. If you have hard time believing in what ever you ask than it’s hard but possible, you just have to maintain your good thoughts and feel good about it, don’t let bad thoughts come to you, if you believe hard enough to feel that you already receive what you ask for, you will get it.

To bring anything in your life, imagine that it’s already there.-Richard Bach

3-RECEIVE receive.png

When you have worked hard and you feel good about the result and you can feel that what ever you were working day night you are getting it, you will get it.

We receive exactly what we expect to receive-John Holland

I am ready for my dreams to come true, are you ready?


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