How to stay happy..

via Daily Prompt: Expectation

Its easy to be happy, and nobody in this world can hurt you but its hard too. I was not always happy, I used to stay depress all day long, cry on my own, I learned it very hard way, my heart been broke many times by many people.

One day I had enough, I was always sad. I decided to stop caring about what people think of me and stop expecting from people a lot. I learned that a lot of people never liked me and they were faking and using me, sometimes they use my name and it ruin my reputation, so when I cornered them, they lie on my face and start blaming each other, I was really disappointed because for a girl/woman her reputation is really important, even for a boy/man.

Now I don’t expect any thing from anyone, and I expect so less from my friends and because of that I get surprise from whenever they do anything for me, and that’s make me so happy.

No expectations, No disappointments


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