Dealing with fake people…

via Daily Prompt: Juicy

A year ago I moved to Malaysia to study, I was nerves but happy and I was looking forward to meet new people from different countries and live with them. But that time I didn’t know that what its like to live in small city and the city with no family but students.

On 16 of August I landed in this beautiful country, it was like my dream come true but I didn’t know that my dream is about to become my nightmare. After few months in Malaysia I start realizing that those people I call friends are fake, with a thick mask, I was hurt and it break my heart that they talk bullish about me so I decided to corner them, but in all this process I learn a lot about people and live on my own and I happened to meet my best friend and amazing people with great mind set and happy. They teach me to ignore people who have bad influence and live my life happily and now I don’t care whether those people are sitting in front of me because they can’t effect me or my mood.

I am sure everyone deal this type of people in there life, all they want to see you fail badly and miserably, when you decide to stop giving them attention and your energy, trust me when I say they can’t take anything from you. But they can make you think that their life is better, think for a bit if their life is so better why they are wasting there energy just to make you feel bad about you. When you stop caring about them you will find that how jealous they are from your achievements and how badly they want to live your life.  I learned it very hard way, now negative and fake people can’t do anything to make me feel bad about my life because I know what I have and I know what I want and I am working for it. When ever they see me happy they do anything and everything to make me feel low but that does not effect me, they don’t know that I am high on positive thoughts and happiness… 



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