Language that everyone understand…

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English is an international language but not everyone can understand it. There is one language everyone can understand even new born baby and animals, that language is “Love”.  It is a language that everyone speak but only understood by heart.

There are different types of love language that we speak.

  • KINDNESS: It is greatest language of love, it can put smile people face even it can give joy to your cat or dog.
  • SMILE: Smile can bring greatness in personality, it is a source to win hearts and it is more valuable than any diamond.

We are living in the world where everything is negative, and about war. If I open television all I see is depressing news about war, and people killing each other even suicide rate is increasing day by day. What if I tell you that we have power to spread this language, we use Facebook, twitter and other social networking site in our daily routine, how about just stop spreading negative news and start spreading language of love. We  can make a difference in this world.

LOVE will heal what language fails to know.  – Eavan Boland



One thought on “Language that everyone understand…

  1. I think we should train ourselves to spread “Good News” always, because the media has infected us with “Spreading Bad News.” it is not injection we need but renewal and training of our mind. Thanks for sharing this blog!

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