2016 (best but blurry year of my life)

via Daily Prompt: Blur

2016 was the best year of my life, let’s relive my 2016. I remember clearly last night of 2015 and exactly after countdown for 2016, well that night was pretty much sober that’s why I can recall every single detail. That night I met best people and now important people in my life, that night we all first time celebrate and actually enjoy sober party, then we went home for some not so sober after party, but I was not drunk may be bit high and that time I felt like yeah these people are mine and I don’t have to pretend in front of them, it was a fine night and only sober night.

We all woke up pretty late and just start to party again, for I don’t know 3 days we were drunk and high that all i can remember, second month came with  the blink of an eye and everyone got busy with there university and college work, then valentine’s day came, me and my friends decided to take a small break from our studies and then that small break stays for like a week or more..I don’t remember how long I don’t remember what we did.. That month pass by and me and my best friend decide to move in together which means party and time to celebrate our new phase of life,  so that party was on for 3 days and than after 5 / 6 days we party again but yeah I clearly don’t remember about that party I just know that we partied because after I get sober I realize that my house is a mess and it took 2 days to clean it..

So now its almost 26 of April so my friends decided to give me early surprise birthday party and we party till the end of may… yes I am missing my whole month, at least I have few weird pictures and snaps to imagine how was that month and it was pretty cool we got kicked out from the club once because I decided to punch a person I don’t remember why, time goes by and its July we decide to take pretty high trip, that was like a dream, I still think that it was a dream after that we take few days off from drinking and parties, and it was October already time to celebrate another birthday and for the record until now I didn’t puke or blank out but this time tequila did its magic on me and I puked a lot and passed out so yeah that was blurry, time  fly its almost end of the year and December well Its just a blur. 

That was my year and the best year of my depressing life and 2016 is the only year that I want to remember no matter how blurry that year was, that year makes me this person who is completely changed and happy and now I know and I am focus on my future and ready for all the challenges. 


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