fake glitter can’t shine forever

via Daily Prompt: Glitter

There are people who put a lot of fake glitter on to hide there true personality and they are so good at hiding that they fool everyone and when some one see there true color so they throw dirt on him/her… Because fake glitter have ability to shine more so they take this advantage and be more fake day by day that it become part of there personality. But they don’t know that one day that fake glitter will lose the ability to shine and it will just become simple sand and they wont be able to remove because its just become part of there skin, and every one will know how fake they are. You don’t have to put fake glitter on you just to shine more,  everyone have the ability to shine on there own, no need extra glitter for that people will see you, and if they don’t its mean that they will never see you even you put extra glitter, you just need a light that gonna make you shine and light is inside you just look for it, you will shine with out any glitter. Be yourself and find your light within you, you will shine like a star.



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