Break the negative pattern…

via Daily Prompt: Pattern

Pattern only look good in art, not in life. Tell me if you have to eat apple every day would you enjoy it? or you have to watch same movie every time you open t.v then? it’s boring.. What if I tell you that every one have different patterns in their life, some of them are good and some them are bad. Let’s check, are you attracting same type of people in your life? or your new relationship is same as old one? do you feel like you are reliving your old relationship? you are unable to complete your task? unwanted event keep on repeating it self? These are the negative pattern that need to break in order to live happy and healthy life.

It can be hard to break these patterns because it rooted in your past. If you have a memory of severe pain, neglect or lack of love, these memory can leave really impact in your life and our subconscious mind recreate same situation in hope that this time things will turn out differently. Breaking these pattern is hard but possible, you just need to follow some steps.

  1. Be aware, focus on your present not past or future. Mindfulness can help you avoid going autopilot where you might slip back to old habit or pattern.
  2. Be positive, image your self living best life, words are important so say positive affirmation like ” I am healthy and active” rather than ” I don’t want to feel lazy and weak”.
  3. Live every single moment to it’s fullest, and try to avoid repeat same mistake and avoid negative people.

With an open mind you can avoid any unwanted and negative pattern with the positive one.

INSANITY is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different result-ALBERT EINSTEIN



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