Small things but massive impact…

via Daily Prompt: Massive

Small things have massive impact on life, we don’t really notice them that much but when those small things are not in our life anymore then we understand how badly we want them back. Imagine if you forget your cellphone home and you are really far away from home but when you realize that you don’t have your phone no matter what you will go back home just to get it. I remember my father came back from work just to get his phone, I used to mock my father because of that but when it happened to me then I understand.

Same as such a small thing like cell phone, every person in your life have a massive impact on you. Today is my best friend birthday but I am not with her to celebrate it, I remember 2 years back we used to get annoyed by each other, but one day we start talking, we were housemates but never really bother to get to know each other, now we can’t live without talking to each other.

There are few people in our life that we don’t want them to leave but we never realize that they have massive space in our heart, we must appreciate everyone in our life because we never know how long they are with us, life is too short to run after other people, well that’s why we call them other people because they are not our people.



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