via Daily Prompt: Luck

Do I believe in luck? I don’t know, guess not. I believe in action, will power, success, failure and Allah/God. I believe if I give my hundred and ten percent to my work I will have my success. If I fail then I must have done something wrong, it’s not because of my luck. I believe we write our own luck, good or bad it’s on you. People blame luck for their failure, but when they succeed, they take all the credit. If we blame everything on luck then we don’t have to change anything right? What do brown spider or white snake have to do with money? What ever you wish for luck is not gonna give it to you so better you start work hard and work till you don’t have any more wishes left. Luck is what we work for as much you work more you have it. I still don’t know why we call it luck, may be it sound good then result.



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