PEOPLE are too complicated to have one label…

via Daily Prompt: Label

Labeling people is not good, everyone knows that, everyone say that, but nobody actually do anything to stop it. People call me skinny, they think that I don’t eat much but I eat all day long, its just God made me this way I guess and I love my body. I used to cry because of that label, but now I know that these label does not define me my action does. I don’t think we can ever stop this problem, or may be its not a problem, we are just so negative that we are taking this whole thing in a negative way. God made us look different from each other, imagine if we all look the same, I will be damned if that happened I already can’t remember people faces. We all have different personality every one is unique in there own way. We just can’t have one label, we are much more then skinny, fat, black, brown,white, we are not a jar to have one label on us. We might need few pages to actually define us. I mean obviously we can’t be equal we have really big ego, we can’t even think about equality right?



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