via Daily Prompt: Meaningless

I was scared to be alone for a very long time, now I realize that I am alone even when I am with bunch of people, I feel lonely because now I don’t want to be around with people who are just meaningless and fake I am okay with one friend. I can’t talk to people about my feelings I can’t really put them in words, its actually hard to describe when people don’t understand that I struggle with depression almost all day, so I like to keep my self busy and avoid these kinds of talks and people, it is really hard to put fake smile some day and hide my depression. Most of the people things that I am rude, some people know me as an introvert and few people know me as a cold person who don’t have any feelings but just one person saw me in love, heartbroken, fighting even crying. I don’t know what really I am trying to say here guess it was just meaningless all this writing…



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