Break the negative pattern…

via Daily Prompt: Pattern

Pattern only look good in art, not in life. Tell me if you have to eat apple every day would you enjoy it? or you have to watch same movie every time you open t.v then? it’s boring.. What if I tell you that every one have different patterns in their life, some of them are good and some them are bad. Let’s check, are you attracting same type of people in your life? or your new relationship is same as old one? do you feel like you are reliving your old relationship? you are unable to complete your task? unwanted event keep on repeating it self? These are the negative pattern that need to break in order to live happy and healthy life.

It can be hard to break these patterns because it rooted in your past. If you have a memory of severe pain, neglect or lack of love, these memory can leave really impact in your life and our subconscious mind recreate same situation in hope that this time things will turn out differently. Breaking these pattern is hard but possible, you just need to follow some steps.

  1. Be aware, focus on your present not past or future. Mindfulness can help you avoid going autopilot where you might slip back to old habit or pattern.
  2. Be positive, image your self living best life, words are important so say positive affirmation like ” I am healthy and active” rather than ” I don’t want to feel lazy and weak”.
  3. Live every single moment to it’s fullest, and try to avoid repeat same mistake and avoid negative people.

With an open mind you can avoid any unwanted and negative pattern with the positive one.

INSANITY is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different result-ALBERT EINSTEIN



fake glitter can’t shine forever

via Daily Prompt: Glitter

There are people who put a lot of fake glitter on to hide there true personality and they are so good at hiding that they fool everyone and when some one see there true color so they throw dirt on him/her… Because fake glitter have ability to shine more so they take this advantage and be more fake day by day that it become part of there personality. But they don’t know that one day that fake glitter will lose the ability to shine and it will just become simple sand and they wont be able to remove because its just become part of there skin, and every one will know how fake they are. You don’t have to put fake glitter on you just to shine more,  everyone have the ability to shine on there own, no need extra glitter for that people will see you, and if they don’t its mean that they will never see you even you put extra glitter, you just need a light that gonna make you shine and light is inside you just look for it, you will shine with out any glitter. Be yourself and find your light within you, you will shine like a star.


2016 (best but blurry year of my life)

via Daily Prompt: Blur

2016 was the best year of my life, let’s relive my 2016. I remember clearly last night of 2015 and exactly after countdown for 2016, well that night was pretty much sober that’s why I can recall every single detail. That night I met best people and now important people in my life, that night we all first time celebrate and actually enjoy sober party, then we went home for some not so sober after party, but I was not drunk may be bit high and that time I felt like yeah these people are mine and I don’t have to pretend in front of them, it was a fine night and only sober night.

We all woke up pretty late and just start to party again, for I don’t know 3 days we were drunk and high that all i can remember, second month came with  the blink of an eye and everyone got busy with there university and college work, then valentine’s day came, me and my friends decided to take a small break from our studies and then that small break stays for like a week or more..I don’t remember how long I don’t remember what we did.. That month pass by and me and my best friend decide to move in together which means party and time to celebrate our new phase of life,  so that party was on for 3 days and than after 5 / 6 days we party again but yeah I clearly don’t remember about that party I just know that we partied because after I get sober I realize that my house is a mess and it took 2 days to clean it..

So now its almost 26 of April so my friends decided to give me early surprise birthday party and we party till the end of may… yes I am missing my whole month, at least I have few weird pictures and snaps to imagine how was that month and it was pretty cool we got kicked out from the club once because I decided to punch a person I don’t remember why, time goes by and its July we decide to take pretty high trip, that was like a dream, I still think that it was a dream after that we take few days off from drinking and parties, and it was October already time to celebrate another birthday and for the record until now I didn’t puke or blank out but this time tequila did its magic on me and I puked a lot and passed out so yeah that was blurry, time  fly its almost end of the year and December well Its just a blur. 

That was my year and the best year of my depressing life and 2016 is the only year that I want to remember no matter how blurry that year was, that year makes me this person who is completely changed and happy and now I know and I am focus on my future and ready for all the challenges. 

Language that everyone understand…

via Daily Prompt: Translate

English is an international language but not everyone can understand it. There is one language everyone can understand even new born baby and animals, that language is “Love”.  It is a language that everyone speak but only understood by heart.

There are different types of love language that we speak.

  • KINDNESS: It is greatest language of love, it can put smile people face even it can give joy to your cat or dog.
  • SMILE: Smile can bring greatness in personality, it is a source to win hearts and it is more valuable than any diamond.

We are living in the world where everything is negative, and about war. If I open television all I see is depressing news about war, and people killing each other even suicide rate is increasing day by day. What if I tell you that we have power to spread this language, we use Facebook, twitter and other social networking site in our daily routine, how about just stop spreading negative news and start spreading language of love. We  can make a difference in this world.

LOVE will heal what language fails to know.  – Eavan Boland


Dealing with fake people…

via Daily Prompt: Juicy

A year ago I moved to Malaysia to study, I was nerves but happy and I was looking forward to meet new people from different countries and live with them. But that time I didn’t know that what its like to live in small city and the city with no family but students.

On 16 of August I landed in this beautiful country, it was like my dream come true but I didn’t know that my dream is about to become my nightmare. After few months in Malaysia I start realizing that those people I call friends are fake, with a thick mask, I was hurt and it break my heart that they talk bullish about me so I decided to corner them, but in all this process I learn a lot about people and live on my own and I happened to meet my best friend and amazing people with great mind set and happy. They teach me to ignore people who have bad influence and live my life happily and now I don’t care whether those people are sitting in front of me because they can’t effect me or my mood.

I am sure everyone deal this type of people in there life, all they want to see you fail badly and miserably, when you decide to stop giving them attention and your energy, trust me when I say they can’t take anything from you. But they can make you think that their life is better, think for a bit if their life is so better why they are wasting there energy just to make you feel bad about you. When you stop caring about them you will find that how jealous they are from your achievements and how badly they want to live your life.  I learned it very hard way, now negative and fake people can’t do anything to make me feel bad about my life because I know what I have and I know what I want and I am working for it. When ever they see me happy they do anything and everything to make me feel low but that does not effect me, they don’t know that I am high on positive thoughts and happiness… 


why every girl should try doing squat…

via Daily Prompt: Squat

  1. Squat help build muscle throughout the body.
  2. Good for digestion.
  3. It can help to lose weight.
  4. Burn fat.
  5. Improve the circulation.
  6. Improve flexibility.
  7. Prevent injury.
  8. Get rounder butt.

There are many more reasons every girl should do squats, and who doesn’t want to feel good and look good in every type of dress. With squat you can get that ideal body you always wanted.

How to stay happy..

via Daily Prompt: Expectation

Its easy to be happy, and nobody in this world can hurt you but its hard too. I was not always happy, I used to stay depress all day long, cry on my own, I learned it very hard way, my heart been broke many times by many people.

One day I had enough, I was always sad. I decided to stop caring about what people think of me and stop expecting from people a lot. I learned that a lot of people never liked me and they were faking and using me, sometimes they use my name and it ruin my reputation, so when I cornered them, they lie on my face and start blaming each other, I was really disappointed because for a girl/woman her reputation is really important, even for a boy/man.

Now I don’t expect any thing from anyone, and I expect so less from my friends and because of that I get surprise from whenever they do anything for me, and that’s make me so happy.

No expectations, No disappointments


Brain and Music

via Daily Prompt: Sound

Believe it or not music effects brain in many positive ways. It makes you smarter, happier and productive at any age. In my case certain music can change my mood, get me motivated and help me concentrate my work.

I have different playlist according to my mood, whenever I play some of my old songs it bring back my memory and emotions, I can feel the same emotions that are attached to my memory and playlist.

Music helps me in many different ways. Whenever I am depress or having anxiety I listen to music and it helps me a lot, it calm my nerves. I can’t do anything without music it helps me concentrate, even in my studies and house chore.

Music is my drug.



via Daily Prompt: Aware

Law of attraction contain three steps; Ask, Believe and Receive.

1-ASK ask-god-for-more-300x300

Well this is really easy step, you just have to ask for whatever you desire.

weak desires bring weak results, just as small amount of fire brings small amount of heat-Napoleon Hills

If you thing good, good will come to you. If you think bad, bad will come to you. You  control what you ask for yourself. Its simple as you ask for chocolate ice cream from ice cream shop.

2-BELIEVE 19300122-The-saying-Belive-You-Can-and-You-re-Halfway-There-on-pieces-of-paper-pinned-to-a-bulletin-board-to--Stock-Photo.jpg

Now this part is bit tricky and hard, If you are strong believer than it’s not a problem for you. If you have hard time believing in what ever you ask than it’s hard but possible, you just have to maintain your good thoughts and feel good about it, don’t let bad thoughts come to you, if you believe hard enough to feel that you already receive what you ask for, you will get it.

To bring anything in your life, imagine that it’s already there.-Richard Bach

3-RECEIVE receive.png

When you have worked hard and you feel good about the result and you can feel that what ever you were working day night you are getting it, you will get it.

We receive exactly what we expect to receive-John Holland

I am ready for my dreams to come true, are you ready?

Dreamy lush life…

via Daily Prompt: Lush

There are two types of dreamer in the world,

1-Those who dreams and work hard to make there dreams true,

2-Those who dreams but never try hard enough to fulfill there dreams.

Today I will share my own story, I never told anyone before I was ashamed of myself, I failed so much, I didn’t have enough confident to even think about being  in this position and writing this post right now. 5 years back, what ever I try to do I failed,  I lost my confidence, my friends, even my family used to think that I am useless and good for nothing, I believe Allah/ God have some plans for me, and 24 of July 2012 I began to realize that, but I was still lacking confident so I just gave up and told my self that I can’t even think about any of this, and I fall asleep, writing my thoughts in my dream diary.

Next day I woke up and my dad told me that we are moving to different country this weekend, he told me that I can start over and fresh, I was so happy that I start dreaming again about that prefect life I want for myself. I didn’t know that the struggle just started, I can’t just have anything serve to me I have to work hard for that. I was just so done with my failures and my depression I decided to take control of my life, I start gaining confident, we moved to Chittagong city of Bangladesh, I start my college made some new friends and not just that I met this amazing boy there, but then again my failures was eagerly waiting for me, in just one year I failed again, and this my failure break me and I start seeing people’s true colors, I was heart broken and I was so depressed, I locked myself in my house I was dying every single day. I spend two years locked in my room, eating, sleeping and watching YouTube videos, that year all youtubers doing draw my life videos and I used to think that they have this perfect life and they born with this perfect life, I watched almost every big youtubers video and because  of that I decided to fight from my depression and give one last shot so I applied for university in Malaysia and I actually got in, that day I was so happy and I promised my self that this time I am not going to fail and until now I am bit slow walker toward my dreams because I am scared of failing again so I just want to take my time, gaining my confident and still fighting with my depression and anxiety, but I am focus on my dreams and now I can actually see myself living that dreamy successful life.

If I can work enough to get what I dream of, trust me when I say anyone can.